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Happy Valentine's!

Sale starts Feb. 06 until Feb. 16, 2020


We're a few days away from Valentine's Day, and we would like to guide you to our 20% Sale on this special and loving day. Here's a list of our products on 20% off, check them out, and let us take care of your Jem-Bae ;)

(if you face any problems while shopping online, please contact us directly: Email - Phone: 831-429-5766).

List of Products on 20% Sale:

- DSD & Non DSD-Repairs
- Head-covers 
- Goat Skins
Sege Sege

- T-shirts
- Building Tools
- Media
- Bells & Shakers


20% off your Djembe Repair!

We do all djembe repairs, whether or not the drum has come from DrumSkulls.
 We use all of the same materials for repairs as we do on drums that we sell. You can feel confident that after we repair your drum, it will look, sound and feel like it came from our shop originally.


A "DSD" djembe is one that we have either built or put a skin on at one time in the past. We will re-head your djembe with a new skin and also oil the shell and fix any small cracks. In the end, the drum will be as good as new again!


A "Non-DSD" djembe is one that we have never put a skin on before. If this is the first time that we will be putting a skin on your djembe, we will do a complete overhaul which includes new rings, new rope, new skin, leveling the drum, resurfacing the bearing edge, fixing any small cracks and oiling the shell multiple times. In the end, the drum will be brand new! You get to choose your new rope color!


*Before and after shots of Bae! ;)