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We do all djembe repairs, whether or not the drum has come from DrumSkulls. We use all of the same materials for repairs as we do on drums that we sell. You can feel confident that after we repair your drum, it will look, sound and feel like it came from our shop originally.

The price varies depending on if we built it or if we have repaired it in the past (DSD) or not (Non-DSD).

Djembe repair prices:

  • DSD Repair - $225
  • Non-DSD Repair - $285

    Please use the drop-down menu below to choose the correct option for your drum. To determine which choice relates to your drum, please read the information in the description below.

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    A "DSD" djembe is one that we have either built or put a skin on at one time in the past. We will re-head your djembe with a new skin and also oil the shell and fix any small cracks. In the end, the drum will be as good as new again!


    A "Non-DSD" djembe is one that we have never put a skin on before. If this is the first time that we will be putting a skin on your djembe, we will do a complete overhaul which includes new rings, new rope, new skin, leveling the drum, resurfacing the bearing edge, fixing any small cracks and oiling the shell multiple times. In the end, the drum will be brand new! You get to choose your new rope color!


    When shipping, please enclose a letter with your contact information as well as any specifics that you have on the repair. It is best if you do not include any exta items such as a case or strap with the drum. Upon receiving it we will give you a call to check in.

    Drums being returned to us should be sent to:

    DrumSkull Drums
    105 Pioneer, Ste. C
    Santa Cruz, CA 95060

    In the checkout process, you will be charged a shipping fee so that we can send the drum back to you once it is repaired. If you would like to purchase a prepaid shipping label to use when shipping the drum to us, please contact us.


    There are extras that you can add to your drum while we have it for repair. Here are some of the extras:

    For information on dunun repairs, please see our Dunun Repair page. For inquiries about repairs for drums other than djembes or dununs, please contact us.

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