March Sale
Celebrating Women's Month,
St. Patrick's Day & Spring Equinox

25% off Djembe Repairs, Rubber-Bottom installation, and other Select Products.

There are so many great things happening now and we wanted to celebrate with you all: Women's Month, St. Patrick's Day, and even the upcoming Spring equinox (did everyone change their clocks by now?) We know how it feels in these challenging times, and we want to give back so we're offering a great deal on Djembe Repairs, Rubber-Bottom installation, and Select Products on our website.

The great news: we have two new shipments coming in back to back. Recently we announced the return of Bambara Djembes to our shop, we haven't had these in a while, so I know most of you are excited about them. The other shipment coming in from Guinea with more beautifully carved Djembes for all of you who are looking to get Custom Build Djembes from us. All you have to do is contact us, so we can put you on our list to see the shells first before anyone else, and choose the right drum for you. Most of our inventory sells quickly before they even get a chance to go on our website. That's why most of our Products always sell out and if they do get on the website they are instantly snatched. In order to be the first in line just contact us directly and we can share more photos and information through email! Email us today to get on that list:


List of all the Products and Services on sale:

- 25% off DSD & Non DSD-Repairs

-  25% off Rubber bottom Installation

- 25% off Straps Handles

- 25% off T-shirts

- 25% off Media

- 25% off Shakers

- 25% off Mugs