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Galan u Sabar ci Ngewel


This CD by Moustapha Faye is a true representation of the Gewel or griot tradition of Senegal, Wet Africa. Through their knowledge and use of rhythms Gewels of Senegal have the responsibility of helping individuals and communities observe and celebrate important life events. The rhythms included here are all from this amazing tradition, however, Moustapha Faye has given them fresh arrangements. Playing with other members of his family (his cousins and nephews) Moustapha was able to create complex arrangements that bring both the energy of a traditional event and the excitement of new music to this CD.

Play List:
1. Tagumbar
2. Galan u Sabar
3. Lembel
4. Kaolack Plus
5. Mame Sing Sing 1
6. Yaaba
7. Tuss
8. Ndiougue

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