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Rhythm Manding


Artist(s): Bolokada Conde, Jan Brooks, Chad Dunn, Isak Griffiths, Charlie Harris, Cody Jensen, Rick Kubetz, Andy Miller, Peter Judkins Wellington, Jeff Zahos, and Yi-Wen Chen Recorded in Chillicothe, IL and Urbana, IL. Liner notes: "Rhythm Manding was formed in 2008, when master drummer Bolokada Conde moved to Champaign to teach at the University of Illinois as a visiting lecturer with the Robert E. Brown Center for World Music. The group began as a strictly percussion ensemble playing traditional Mande rhythms, with Bolokada as the artistic director. In 2010, Bolokada was inspired to move the group in a new direction, and added a guitar, bass, keyboard, and drum set. The result is exciting dance music rooted in the traditional music that Bolokada has played for so long, but with an instrumentation more familiar to the American audiences for which the group regularly performs." Play List: 1. Guinea 2. Yarabi 3. Mamamama 4. Yagba 5. Soh 6. Djembe Kan 7. Balakulanyan 8. Mfaba 9. Yaba Yembe 10. Hamana Dundunba 11. Djembe Kan 12. Djona 13. Guinea

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