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Dunnun Kan


Mangue Sylla, born in Conakry, Guinea, is known for blending the traditional Guinea-style drumming, long played throughout the country's villages, along with a "ballet-style" of drumming that features the three drum doundoun set. A drummer since the age of seven, Sylla has studied with the foremost Guinea drum masters, learning the native stylings that have long been a part of Guinea's West African culture, and now, part of Sylla's legacy. Here on Dunnun Kan, Sylla and his ensemble play so seamlessly that they become instruments themselves, played by something greater than their obvious musical mastery, almost otherworldly. You can hear the long history of Guinea's percussion masters who've played these instruments for decades -- even centuries -- before Sylla (and presumably they'll be played long after Sylla as well). Every beat is a timeless journey of sound that began long ago in Guinea, and continues throughout every track on Dunnun Kan, captured in time, like a photograph taken 100 years ago. Still, you need not be versed in African history, the native Guinea drumming styles, or the instruments that make this music so unique for Dunnun Kan to move you. At a time when the world is full of distractions, Mangue Sylla offers listeners a necessary escape through the rhythmic focus of Dunnun Kan -- it's tempo respite from the busy world around us and an invitation to something more, something bigger than our everyday lives. Like a pulsing reminder that the present moment is all we really have, it weaves us around and through the human heart and spirit and into the space that's both here and now and everywhere else all at once. It's more than just a drumbeat; it's the rhythm of life. Play List: 1. Doundounba 2. Soli 3. Kassa 4. Komodenou 5. Ginafare 6. Dja 7. Mamasata 8. Sogononkoun 9. Dundunba Sangba

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