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Dave Kobrenski


Djoliba Crossing is a celebration of Mande culture, as well as an adventure tale of cultural discovery…and of seeking one’s own identity far from home. Filled with narrative stories and historical research, and illustrated with the author’s own drawings, paintings, and music transcriptions, Djoliba Crossing depicts a beautiful and often strange land balancing between the world of its ancient traditions and the frontier of modern ideals — and chronicles an artist’s journey deep into realms of the unexpected. Djoliba Crossing is 182 pages, with over 70 full color illustrations. Included in Djoliba Crossing are djembe and dunun (sangban, dununba, kenkeni) rhythm notations for the following pieces of music: -Konden -Dunungbe -Taama -Numun -Donso Foli -Mamaya -Bala Kulandyan -Dyènè / Djaa -Mendiani (Hamanah) -Soliwulen -Komodenu Djoliba Crossing features a series of hand-drawn, historical maps. Some of these maps include: Ancient Mali Empire (depicting West Africa & Old Mali at the time of Sundiata Keita) Modern-day political boundaries of West Africa Guinea-Conakry map The traditional Hamanah (Kouroussa) region, showing villages and routes in the interior of Guinée

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