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Kelontan Cissokho was born in the Citukonde Gambia in 1968. Kelontan's first teachers were his uncle Djeliba Kanoute, and his father Mohammed Cissokho. In 1981, Kelontan went to Guinea to replace his father as representative of the kora. Since then, Kelontan has played for the National Ballet, traveling all over the world. He has also collaborated with many famous artists including Mamady Keita, Bolokada Conde and many ohters. Even after three decades with the national ballet, Kelontan is still joyfully representing the beautiful music of the kora.

Play List:
1.   Lamban
2.   Batoto
3.   Barala
4.   Tutu Djarra
5.   Kairaba
6.   Badjulo
7.   Cheddo
8.   Mammadou Pitiki
9.   Koraba
10. Make

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