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Recorded Live in Faranah, Guinea (2006)

Fadouba is the first djembe player from Guinea to be recognized around the world. Fadouba Oulare was born in 1935 in Felaway, Guinea. At the age of seven, Fadouba began training on djembe with his father Youssouf Oulare. Fadouba grew up playing djembe for folklore and traditional Malinke ceremonies. In 1959, Keita Fodeba, from the ministry of culture, began working with Fadouba to start the first national drum and dance group, Les Ballet Africains. Fadouba was the first lead djembefola of the ballet. After a few years of international tours with the ballet, Fadouba was recruited to perform with the Military Ballet in 1961. He played with this ballet for 20 years. After his ballet tours, Fadouba settled in Faranah, Guinea where he has become world renown for his generous spirit and teaching style. 

Play List:
1. Soko & Soko Bambulan
2. Fakoli
3. Kawa
4. Konden
5. Konkoba
6. Mendiani
7. Nanfulin

DSD Comments: Here it is! We've all been waiting for this a long time, and Fadouba doesn't disappoint. He is amazing! This CD is as good as it gets - a great recording with Fadouba blowin' minds at every twist and turn! This is a MUST HAVE for everyone.

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