New Bundle and Save products to choose from:

Rope and Goat Skin Bundle offered at a discounted price! 



       Blue Rope and Skin Bundle    Rope and Skin Bundle

We are offering a new Bundle and Save product for all of our Djembe Drum Builders to choose from.

These products have been selected  from our Premier Goat Skin Choice, along with an 80 ft - 5.5 mm Rope Bundle and 30ft - 4mm Rope Bundle that we offer at a discounted bundle price.

You will be receiving the exact product as seen in the photos.

15% off the original price of all three items combined:

- Ultra Thick Goat skin
- 80 ft of 5.5mm  Rope Bundle
- 30 ft of 4mm Rope Bundle

Note: If you are interested in creating your own Rope and Skin Bundle, please call us directly to place your order. 

You can stay tuned to more new Bundled products here: