Guinea Krins

Guinea Krin           Guinea Krin

Origin: Guinea
Wood: Haré (Khadi)
Size: 20 3/4" x 5"

This is a professional krin that was hand-carved in Guinea, West Africa. It has been carved from the premier hardwood known as haré (khadi). Haré wood is best known as being the preferred wood for bala (balafon). Due to its density, haré is extremely resonant. As a result, krin have a warm, natural sound similar to that produced by a clave or other wood blocks.

Krins are also called log drums or slit drums. They are used in ceremonies and as a wireless communication tool between villages, informing and updating the villagers with the latest news. They can be found not only in West Africa, but also in differnet parts of the world, like Polynesia and Asia, where different tribes and ethnicities use them as part of their culture and traditions. The West African krin is made from several types of wood, mainly the balaphone wood or haré is usually the best since it is believed that this type of wood resonates more. For more information on krins, you can visit this informative website: Natural History Magazine