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Co-produced by Age Delbanco & DrumSkull Drums


Author: Age Delbanco

Type: West African Djembe & Dunun
Style: Instructional

This is by far the best notation book we have come across! Each rhythm is laid out very straight-forward and the notation is easy to understand. You will learn the rhythm's name, some information about the rhythm (origin, why it is played, etc), and which master(s) teach it as it is notated. It contains over ninety rhythms including breaks, echauffements, and variations for both djembe and dunun. This book is a great resource for djembe students of all levels. Author Age Delbanco has spent nearly 20 years studying the Malinke music of Guinea with a variety of different well-known teachers.

DSD Comment:  This book is a collaborative effort between Age Delbanco and DrumSkull Drums!  Prior versions of this book have been available in the past however DSD is proud to help make the newest version available. For years we have been discussing that this valuable book needs to go to print. It is now available in it's updated format with many new additions.

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