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Jammu Aduna


Jammu Aduna

Type: Senegal
Style: Ensemble

This CD is the third release of Master Drummer, Thione Diop, from Senegal, West Africa. Jammu Aduna is a prayer for peace in the world. It brings Thione's unique talents together with other amazing musicians from West Africa. Energetic and joyful, this compilation features djembe at the center of the ensemble while highlighting other instruments like Sabar drums, Kora and Balaphone. This music is for anyone who loves the traditional music of West Africa.

Play List:
1.   Jammu Aduna
2.   Akonkon
3.   Bara M'baye
4.   Diba
5.   Lamba
6.   Djole
7.   Tama
8.   Dounoumba
9.   Laumbeul
10. Mane
11. Dacoumba
12. Rippo
13. Sabou
14. Timini

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