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Sabar Drum Ensemble


Sing Sing Juniors was started in 2004 under the direction of Moustapha Faye, Doudou Faye and Isma Aw to be a popular manifestation of the sabar drum tradition. Sing Sing Juniors is made up of the younger members of the Faye family, also known as Sing Sing Rhythm.
As members of the Faye family, each person in the group is also gëwél, or griot, whose role is essential to all of the important life events – birth, naming, initiation, marriage, and death.
Along with the history and cultural traditions, gëwéls are also keepers of music traditions. Today many gëwéls perform in popular music bands all over Senegal and throughout the world.
In Dakar, Sing Sing Juniors continues to play in all of the traditional settings: baptisms, weddings, healing ceremonies, wrestling matches, community celebrations and soirees Senegalese. The group also performs at festivals and some members play with local bands.

Play List:
1. Ya Nu Moom
2. Bakk Yini Burrit
3.Ngewel Gii
4. Thie Qui Ne Quine
5. Ceebu Jen
6. Baar Mbaye Ngewel
7. Sing Sing Faye
8. Ndougou Group Bii
9. Teubel/Ardin
10. Barr Mbaye
11. Kaolack

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