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Spiritual Song


Spiritual Song

African Showboyz is made up of five brothers (this recording also features their uncle), whose musical career was nurtured in early life owing to their closeness to cultural activities. Their home town, Binaba, located in the Bawku district of the upper east region of Ghana, has a strong music tradition which is vividly expressed during marriage/naming ceremonies, funerals and the activities that mark the planting and harvesting of crops.

They are best known for the bunburus rhythm which they created by successfully blending instruments like durun, kone, sisans, bin bill and bin douk with siyak and gonje - instruments originally used separately by their ancestors and forebears.

Play List:
1. Sutani Panga 4:02
2. Baby Show 3:35
3. M T Zion 3:40
4. John Ndebuguri 7:01
5. Zem Zem 4:13
6. Mbaye 3:50
7. Sakora Salamalekum 3:22
8. Koneninga 6:10
9. Lion 4:16
10. Three Little Birds 2:44
11. Spiritual Song 4:40
12. Sutani Dayalima 3:42
13. Mbia Shochengbe 4:10
14. Suffering in Africa 4:10
15. Redemption Song 3:23

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