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SKU:Dunun Stands
  • Set of 3 Stands
  • Wood: Oak
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    These are custom DrumSkull Drums stands. They are no-nonsense, sturdy, easy to use and easy to transport. Our Dununba, Sangban, and Kenkeni stands work perfectly in conjunction with each other, and all fold up together.This alleviates the "space invader" problem that is common with other types of stands. We use these on a weekly basis in dance classes, and they have stood up to the test of time.

    Those who know us at DrumSkull Drums know that we pay attention to all the important details and believe in making and offering instruments and accessories of the highest quality! Our stands are no exception.

    (drum NOT included)

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    List Description No
    Dunun Sticks N/A
    Shirt Sizes No
    Strap Colors N/A
    Fabric Colors No
    rope 5.5mm No
    Patterns No
    Rope 4mm No
    Handle Colors N/A
    Size No
    Head Cover Sizes N/A