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Senedunun - Malinké Farming Music of Upper Guinea


The Malinke people who inhabit the savannah woodlands of upper Guinea are intimately connected to the land on which they live. They live as subsistence farmers in a harsh environment, where mere survival requires great strength and hard work. At the heart of their culture is an ancient music that accompanies almost every significant event of village life. This music is a vehicle for joy and sorrow, which is expressed through song and dance. When they head out to the fields, farmers are often accompanied by the village musicians, whose music helps set a tempo for the work. Imagine groups of farmers singing and moving to the rhythm of the music while they work - it is a beautiful sight. In this recording Mansa Camio and his group Sofoli play traditional Malinke music that would normally accompany farmers as they work in the fields. Play List: 1. Soro (11:21) 2. Korombalé (10:43) 3. Nanialé (11:04) 4. Touradounoun (11:03) 5. Dibon (10:48) 6. Nkoké (12:53)

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