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Mamady “Wadaba” Kourouma again captures the pure essence of authentic traditional Malinke songs and drum orchestration with recordings in his home village of Oroko, Guinea, West Africa, this time with delightful African flute. His family joins him on this CD, archiving their historic rhythms. Some date back centuries, and all represent the rich African roots of some of the most popular music from the American side of the Atlantic: Blues, jazz, rap, salsa, and samba to name only a few. Wadaba grew up from the roots of rhythm.

Play List:

1. Soroba Foli (5:46)
2. Sofa (5:07)
3. Sorokomo (5:28)
4. Dunun Gbe (5:36)
5. Fakoli (6:01)
6. Salibaralaminin (5:38)
7. Samory (6:22)
8. Subamasoli (5:54)
9. Wadabe le (3:56)
10. Sotemabandani (7:22)
11. Sabari (6:35)

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