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Mandeng Djara


Mandeng Djara

"A musician who is the bearer of a culture - his culture - must create moments when it can be performed, known and shared - when it can be allowed to live. I have been doing this for a long time all over the world, although I do not intend to stop there. I want to use my own musical mother tongue. I still have things to say with my hands on the djembe skin. I could only have made the recording Mandeng Djara in Guinea. There, together with the singers, the musicians, my most faithful partners as well as the yournger ones who will be the musicians of tomorrow, we spoke together in the same language, we played together and breathed together. Everything was straightforward, because we were at home. Guinea was going through difficult times at the time of this recording in February 2007; there were confrontations in the streets, strikes, revolts against those in power...All of these events undoubtedly gave us the strength to come together each day and bring our project to fruition." - Mamady Keita

Play List:
1. Kondjana Fe - 7:21
2. Deni Kinantan - 5:02
3. Keiko - 6:31
4. Manya o - 5:55
5. Nyewa kodo - 5:23
6. Su - 4:27
7. N'toman - 8:03
8. Saran - 7:01
9. Zaouli - 6:53
10. Kedjula Kanin - 9:21
11. Soundjata Fassa - 10:53

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