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SKU: SKN-444
Country of Origin: Senegal
Skin Type: Medium
Size: D:26"


Drumskull Drums is proud to now offer you the option of choosing your skin. The picture you see here is of the actual skin that you will receive. This skin has been cleaned, trimmed to a stubble, and cut round for your convenience. This is a new service aimed at giving you the highest quality options tailored to your own taste.

NOTE: One advantage of these pre-trimmed rounds is you will be able to detect pock marks or holes in the skin simply by holding it up to the light. Since we have already done that and only sell skins which have passed our inspections, these rounds are a sure bet. However, if you find something we missed, these rounds can be returned for full warranty up until they have been soaked and stretched. At that point, they are not covered by our standard warranty.

Additional Information

List Description No
Dunun Sticks No
Shirt Sizes No
Stand Size & Color No
Strap Colors No
Fabric Colors No
rope 5.5mm No
Patterns No
Rope 4mm No
Handle Colors No
Size No