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Hamana Namun


Hamana Namun

"Unlike his earlier CDs, Famoudou Konate's latest CD primarily consists of instrumental arrangements. Three of them (6,7 & 12) are original compositions. The rest are part of the traditional repertoire and are tied to specific ritual occasions, often also including dance and song. When Famoudou Konate focuses exclusively on the instruments (with exception of 2 tracks), he intends to direct the listeners attention to the music as such. The listener should not be distracted by a rhythm's context or lyrics. Instead the listening experience should be likened to European concert music - concentrating on musical structures and personal perceptions evoked by the pieces. This music provides an experience that is well worth it, due to its polyphonic nature. The individual voices of the three bass drums, the dununba, sangban and kesedenen, as well as the accompanying djembe and the solo djembe continually create new, intricate, constantly changing patterns. Following these patterns provides unrivaled listening pleasure."

Play List:
1. Tiadian 4:58
2. Soma Sandyi 4:01
3. Kawa de Faranah 4:58
4. Kawa de Hamana 4:37
5. Toro 6:21
6. Nanfina 5:53
7. Dunun Mayeleman 3:43
8. Dibon, Kassa, Konkoba Dunun 8:47
9. Bara Duu 4:28
10. Soliwulen 4:21
11. Solibasi 6:09
12. Soofetama 8:49

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