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Hamana Mandenkönö


Hamana Mandenkönö

The Malinké-Hamana live near the city of Kouroussa in the Northeast region of the West African Nation, Guinea. As a subgroup of the Guinean Malinké, they belong to the Mande people who live all over West Africa. Their music, with its great wealth of complex rhythmic forms, traditional songs and expressive percussion instruments, plays an important role in festivals and everyday life.

Famoudou Konaté is one of the most revered and respected drummers to come from West Africa. He has an extremely unique feel and style that every drummer should listen to and become familiar with. His solos let the music breathe, his tones are super meaty, and his technique is flawless!

Play List:
1. Hamana Mandenkönö
2. A Nakan
3. Sobonèn Kun II
4. Sila
5. Kamerenèn
6. Könöwulen II - N'fa Kaba
7. Sansani Nani
8. Sumbuyaya
9. Bèè ni Danya
10. Doofendön
11. Dyènè
12. Sofa Salikenebo
13. M'Besöma

Total Time - 75:58

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