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The Djembe of Bobo


The Djembe of Bobo

The Manding traditional music group Fa Kiyen Yiriwa (which means - for the promotion of the paternal heritage), based in Bobo-Dioulasso, came into being as the result of an encounter between young Bwaba musicians who had grown up in the villages of the bush. The intermixing of instrumental cultures is now the rule in most urban music ensembles, and this one is no exception. However, on instrument is particularly prominent today, both in West Africa and in the West: the djembe.

Play List:
1. Koroduga Don 5:11
2. Fonfonnin 9:39
3. Denba Don 6:27
4. Djansa 19:43
5. Pran Pran Bofiyen 5:15
6. Mandiani 14:51

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