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Country of Origin: Ivory Coast



Djo Bi Irie Simon (popularly known as Dr. Djo Bi) is an Ivory Coast native and world-traveled master drummer. He learned the traditional drumming of his Gouro ethnic group at the age of five, then learned the drumming not only of all 65 ethnic groups in Ivory Coast but also those of other West African nations. Being something of a child prodigy gave him the opportunity to join different troupes and travel widely. After spending the early 1990s in France, teaching children West African drumming in a public-education program, Dr. Djo Bi moved to England to work on a government-funded project bringing the sunny sounds of West Africa to the gray streets of London. His reputation grew in Europe, and his peers christened him “the doctor” of drumming. On this wave of success, Dr. Djo Bi came to the United States in 1997. This new CD is filled with original compositions rooted in traditional West African drumming showcasing his incredible djembe technique.

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