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  • Shell Origin: Drumskulls (USA)
  • Wood Type: Staved Poplar
  • Size(s): D:13 1/4" x H:24 3/4"
  • Weight: 16.5 lbs (Lightweight!)
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    SKU: DSD-09131
    Shell Origin: Drumskulls (USA)
    Wood Type: Staved Poplar
    Heading Technique: 2-Rings Hair-Over
    Skin Type: Goat
    Rope Color: Brown w/ Burgundy & Beige
    Size(s): D:13 1/4" x H:24 3/4"
    Weight: 16.5 lbs (Lightweight!)

    ...with rubber bottom!


    We are proud to introduce our new DSD Classic Series Djembes! This drum was fully designed and built by Drumskull Drums at our Santa Cruz, California location. It is constructed with staved Poplar wood, exceeding the quality of all staved Djembes that have come before it. It is built with the incredible attention to detail and ultimate quality control that Drumskulls has always been known for. Looks great, sounds amazing, and priced affordably!

    Additional Information

    List Description No
    Dunun Sticks No
    Shirt Sizes No
    Stand Size & Color No
    Strap Colors No
    Fabric Colors No
    rope 5.5mm No
    Patterns No
    Rope 4mm No
    Handle Colors No
    Size No