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M'bara - Djembe and Dunun Instructional DVD



Djembe and Dundun Instructional DVD with Bolokada Condé.

"Bolokada Conde is a master drummer from the Sankaran region of Guinea, West Africa and a former lead soloist of Les Percussions de Guinee. Bolokada performs and teaches throughout the world, and in this exciting instructional DVD, breaks down six rhythms, part by part. After each part for kenkeni, sangban, dundunba, and djembe are shown, Bolokada plays orignal solo phrases and performs the rhyth with his ensemble."

1. Lamban
2. Mendiani
3. Soko
4. Konkoba
5. Konkoba Rapide
6. Soma Kassa


This DVD has been long awaited and we are extremely happy to be offering it! Bolokada Conde is not only in a class of his own musically, he is also a phenominal individual. We are excited to be supporting his efforts by offering this instructional dvd as well as the latest documentary "Mbemba Fakoli"  featuring Bolokad, Fadouba Oulare, Koungbana Konde and Lancei. These are the latest dvds to come out and they have set the quality bar much higher than every before. The film quality in both is exeptional and a joy to watch.

Bolokada is a master at relaying this music in a clear and concise manner. The video is easy to follow and there is a ton of information to take in including traditional solo peices that are realtively easy to pick up. This is one of the best instructional tools to date and hands down one of the most fun to watch!

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