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SKU:DSD Ceramic Cup - 088
Size(s): H:4 5/8"


Drumskull Drums is offering high-fire stoneware pottery that is handcrafted by Tom Watson Ceramics. Each piece is unique and is individually crafted specially for Drumskull Drums. This cup is food safe, microwavable, and dishwasher safe as well. These mugs are hand made on the potters wheel, making each one unique both in size and decoration. •The designs are done with hand cut sponge stamps. Dipped in red iron oxide and pressed onto the pot beneath the glaze surface. Or carved by hand with an angled or rounded loop tool when the pot in still wet. •The glazes are all food safe. As well as safe for dishwasher and microwave use. Hand washing is recommended. •Upon first use with hot water it is important to "temper" the pot first. To do this simply pour a small amount (1/3 cup) of boiling water into the mug and swirl around, then pour out. This only needs to be done once. •Each mug is one of a kind. Made with love and designs inspired by Djembe carvings and African Mud-cloth and textile designs.

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